Stem cell translational research program (STRARP)

We invite basic and clinical researchers in the area of Regenerative Medicine to submit an abstract of a project proposal. Our purpose is to connect basic researchers and clinicians in Austria and Europe in order to develop a conjoint research between them. We will support the project development, ethical commission processes, grant applications, etc.

If you are interested in participating at a research proposal please send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with an executive summary of your project, CV and list of publications (we encourage young investigators and students to send also project proposals even in case they do not have a large previous experience).

After you have sent the proposal, one of our research associates will invite you to present your project to our Board of Directors and further discuss the possibilities of developing the project.

Best Regards, The ASRM Team


We are very pleased to welcome and introduce you to our society. The Austrian Society of Regenerative Medicine (ASRM) is a non-profit organization aimed to promote the communication between researchers, clinicians, governmental institutions and public. Recently founded in 2015 and after intense efforts of a multidisciplinary team its aim is to foster the development of the field of Regenerative Medicine in Austria in order to make science efforts available for patients in the future by encouraging and developing research projects, communication between experts, educational programs for scientists, legislative improvements and general public awareness. 

As the first national society in this field, it is our aim and responsibility to enhance the education and training towards translational research promoting advancement in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Together with scientific and non-scientific communities and groups we are directed towards the benefit of the future patients. It is primordial to promote the discussion and communication between experts and authorities; this is the main pad to make the field successful. 

It is an exciting era of knowledge and science development surrounding the Regenerative Medicine field; we have now great possibilities to improve future treatments that really make an impact in the patient's life. 

We work every day on our aims to spread the word and the science in this field. Our website contains information for you to explore and of course we gladly welcome your future inquiries regarding our field of action. 

With best wishes, 

Team of the Austrian Society of Regenerative Medicine

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