Senior Member (12 months fee: EURO 120)

Full membership is open to healthcare professionals who spend at least half of their time in the area of Regenerative medicine.

Junior Member (12 months fee: EURO 60)

Junior membership is open to personnel in training until successful conclusion of their training programme.

Associate Member (12 months fee: EURO 100)

Associate membership is open to healthcare professionals who are not full time regenerative medicine specialists.

Emeritus (12 months fee: EURO 50)

Emeritus membership is open to professionals who have now retired but are interested in keeping up to date with developments in the field.



  • Reduced Annual Meeting registration fees.
  • Reduced fees for abstract submission to the Austrian Journal for Regenerative Medicine.
  • Reduce fees for training programs.
  • Become a member in the first Regenerative Medicine Society in Austria, a fast growing field that will define future medicine treatments.




All applications are reviewed by the board. New members will be notified via email and standard mail and will receive their certificates.

  • Upload your CV 
  • Processing fee is 17 Euros
  • Please use the below mentioned account to transfer the amount of your membership:
    Österreichische Gesellschaft für Regenerative Medizin
    IBAN: AT95 2011 1826 9267 4800