Officially registered in 2015, the Austrian Society of Regenerative Medicine (ASRM) is the product of a multidisciplinary effort. There is an enormous lack of treatments intended to cure diseases, leaving a lot of diseases in the truth uncomfortable box of non-curable diseases. So, the idea came up to intensify research in the field of stem cell therapies and work together with renowned scientific groups around the world earning an immense knowledge. From that moment on the efforts were dedicated to further research towards the communication of the importance of the Regenerative Medicine in Austria and in international forums. 

The knowledge should come from strong scientific basis and at the same time rapidly available to treat patients. In this line the basis of our philosophy is an intense support of the development of translational research in all the areas of knowledge that are related to Regenerative Medicine through encouraging new research projects, educational programs, young scientist's participation, communication between the experts in Austria and in international forums and promoting the evolution of legislation in Austria. All the efforts are aimed towards the development of knowledge that brings better options to the patients. 

The long-term aim of the Austrian Society for Regenerative Medicine is to enable to intensify the research regarding various diseases which until now have not been able to being reached via conventional therapies.

Our everyday efforts direct us to be a solit point of networking for the scientific community in Austria, interested in the development of the field of Regenerative Medicine as well as a reference of information for general public.