The evolution of the Regenerative Medicine's field should be always supported over strong scientific basis. The healthcare professionals should be aware of the advances, conclusions and possible treatment options to come addressee by scientific groups around the world. This understanding of the field will provide a tool to inform patients and to guide them into the best treatment option.

In an aim to foster this scientific development, the ASRM provides a forum for national and international researchers to publish translational relevant scientific achievements. This foster come to an important stage while the evolution of the field is exponential and Austria needs to be in the loop of the scientific international community.

The AJRM - Austrian Journal for Regenerative Medicine (ISSN: In progress) is a new Journal aimed to the divulgation of scientific achievements concerning the Regenerative Medicine Field.

Starting on summer 2015 the Journal will publish an electronic open access bimestrial issue (Option of fast-track communicate without coincidence to bimestrial issue exist). A special year issue will be published after each annual meeting starting in November 2016.

The scope of the journal includes

  1. Clinical achievements with stem cell therapies.
  2. Translational research for stem cell and regenerative therapies.
  3. Basic research in cell biology that directly look forward to support future clinical applications.
  4. Tissue engineering in the way to clinic applications.
  5. Emerging technologies in cell processing for clinical environments.
  6. Ethical and legal perspectives surrounding the regenerative medicine field.


Being a new journal implies a waiting period for indexing and impact factor assessment. The ASRM team will be evaluated for this issues in after one year of publications.